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There are now a lot of useful online resources for genealogical research, and a lot of very helpful people on message boards and mailing lists who can assist you with it. The basic sources for family history in the nineteenth century at least are well-known: census records, parish registers, and the like. I’m not saying it’s an easy job, because it isn’t, but there are at least some excellent tools to help you.

However, if you’re trying to trace the history of a place along with its people, particularly in the eighteenth century and earlier, things start getting a bit less straightforward. The detailed history of many of the places around Wrexham has yet to be written. If you want to follow in the footsteps of Alfred Palmer, Wrexham’s great amateur historian (or even in those of professional historians like A H Dodd, founder of the Denbighshire Historical Society) then there are a number of ways you can go about finding information.

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Amongst the list of Brymbo landowners given in Norden’s 1620 survey of Bromfield and Yale is the following more unusual entry: “Redd, vij s. Thomas Buckley tenet quatuo’ tenetmenta cum pertinenciis nuper terr’ Edwardi Johnes probitione. Attinct’ “. This may not mean a great deal if you’re unfamiliar with Latin abbreviations. Behind it, however, lies the dramatic story of Edward Jones, Esq, perhaps the only one of the area’s gentry executed for plotting – or allegedly plotting – their monarch’s death.
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The demolition of John Griffith’s 1624 house at Brymbo. (Copyright NWN Media; used under their licence; downloading or commercial reproduction prohibited).

Many of the gentry houses of Britain failed to survive the 20th century. Even the old mansions of Wales, often very different buildings to those attached to the large estates of England, proved in many cases to be just too impractical or expensive to maintain.

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