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The township road at Ffynnon-y-cwrw, looking East

The old “township road” of Brymbo, once maintained by residents’ contributions in a time before the modern highway system or even the turnpikes, is still called the Brymbo Road today. In a previous post I followed it from the site of Brymbo Hall through Penrhos to the crossroads at Pentresaeson: from here it runs west, towards Bwlchgwyn.

Leaving the crossroads and the Smelt Wood behind, the road passes the former Taylor Brothers foundry and Pentresaeson farm on the right and crosses the line of the railway from Brymbo to Minera. Here it climbs steeply under a deep bank that is covered with bluebells in spring. The road keeps just within the township border – marked by the Gwenfro, out of sight to the left – as it approaches the moor that was once another part of Brymbo’s common land.

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Field names can be a very useful source of information when trying to trace the history of land holdings – even in Wales, where a lot of the names given seem to follow fairly predictable patterns. If names alter over time, they can still be a valuable record of changes in land use, though occasionally a name will be found that has persisted for several hundred years. One of the earliest recorded in Brymbo, the Dol y Blaidd or “wolf’s meadow” seen in a document of the 1480s, certainly reminds us how much the area has changed since the late Middle Ages.
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