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During the 18th, 19th and early 20th century, most of the land in Brymbo was owned by landlords who lived outside the township and parish, and in many cases outside Wales. In this it was similar to other parts of the region. Many tenements were part of large estates like those belonging to the Grosvenors or to the Myddeltons, and later Wests, of Chirk. Yet while the 18th century, for example, put paid to most of the small ‘parish gentry’ and yeomanry, their land being swallowed up by big landowners and increasingly by a rising class of industrial entrepreneurs, some estates went the other way too.

It is clear that for many years much of the land in the southern part of Brymbo was owned by the Robinson family of Gwersyllt; I’ve already talked about the picturesque figure of Colonel John Robinson, the tenacious Royalist soldier. His father, William, is shown as a major landowner in the township in 1620; well over 100 (modern) acres of his land are tenanted by one man, a Robert Griffith, who as a freeholder elsewhere in the survey is likely to have been one of the Griffiths of Brymbo Hall, and there are several other Robinson-owned farms too. William Robinson had no doubt obtained these through transactions with one or several of the old gentry of Wrexham parish, men like Robert Griffith. These were the descendants of freeholders from the time of the Welsh administration and were often desperately short of cash (several of the farms recorded in 1620 are described as formerly belonging to Hugh Puleston).

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Glanyrafon is, or was, a large farm on the Gwenfro in the south-eastern corner of Brymbo township. It is no longer a farm but some of its land and buildings still exist; at about 78 acres in size it was one of the biggest holdings in the area. In more modern times it was associated with the ironworks owner Henry Robertson, whose Brymbo and Palé Estate Company also bought up the Lodge, Broughton Hall, and much else besides. Though the farmhouse is a Robertson-era building the history of Glanyrafon goes back many decades earlier.
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