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I have spent a lot of time talking about John Wilkinson, over the course of putting together this site. It is difficult not to, in many ways. But I am now going to say something controversial. I do not think that Wilkinson was the single most important figure in Brymbo’s history, at least in terms of the more modern era – that of the ironworks and the village and the beginnings of the landscape we see today. Wilkinson may be the person who gets on the school curriculum; he certainly made it into that of my primary school, and inspired some of my curiosity about my local area. He even seems to have inspired a (fairly dismal) poetic tribute, although unlike another local celebrated in song, Watkin Williams-Wynn, he never got as far as having a pudding named after him. But I think that a special place should be reserved for the one person who did more than anyone else to shape the community – often, though not entirely, for the good – and above all to create a permanent association between Brymbo and steelmaking. This was the Scottish engineer Henry Robertson.

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