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I have mentioned in earlier articles the brief rule in Wrexham of the “committee men” – the supporters of Cromwell. Three of them at least (Hugh Prichard, Edward Taylor and Sir Richard Saltonstall) had close connections with Brymbo,  along with other local supporters such as the younger Samuel Powell of Stansty and the Gyfynys, while the most influential of the lot, John Jones Maesygarnedd, lived not far away. A. H. Dodd, in his history of Wrexham, said that the town gained administrative importance in this period as a stronghold of often English-speaking nonconformity; had the Protectorate continued it might well have become the real centre of power in North Wales. Still, it was not be, and in later years everyone was very eager to prove how few “committee men” had been amongst their number.

Despite this, the noncomformists and Parliamentarians were surprisingly deeply embedded in the social fabric of the area.

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