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The landscape of Uwchmynydd Ucha. Photograph by D Quinn from Geograph

The landscape of Uwchmynydd Ucha. Photograph by D Quinn from Geograph

Over the past few posts dealing with Brynmally and Berse Drelincourt we have lingered a little in Broughton, the township that borders Brymbo to the east and with which it shares many characteristics. We’ll return to the subject of Brymbo soon, but in the meantime, I notice that I have yet to say anything about Brymbo’s neighbours in Flintshire to the north.

The land across the Nant y Ffrith valley is an outlier of the sombre moorland ‘wastes’ into which the top end of Brymbo extends, and for much of the period would have been the same kind of landscape: agriculturally poor, though without the coal outcrops or lead veins that enriched Minera, Bersham and Brymbo townships. The area was called Uwchmynydd or Uwch y mynydd, the ‘higher’ or ‘upper’ mountain, and was included in Hope parish. It was far from an empty space on the map though, and had its own, albeit small, community. Indeed while the residents of Uwchmynydd might have paid their rates into a different pot to those of Brymbo, and conducted their marriages and baptisms at a different church, the social connections between the two were quite intimate. In the late 17th century, the depositions in the court action fought over the will of Griffith Thomas of Brymbo demonstrate the shared ancestry, gossip, and economic activity of the inhabitants of the townships. William ffennah, butcher, and Edward ap John ap Rees, husbandman, both of Uwchmynydd, give evidence and another Uwchmynydd man, John Williams, was also present at the signing of the will.

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